Chocolate Soldiers Badminton Club

Wembley, Southall, Greenford and Ealing

You can pay as you play. before the session online or cash on the day.


Yes, we do play league matches.

We don’t offer badminton coaching, we have a training day every Tuesday from 12:00 to 14:00. 

Yes we do! please check our membership’s page 

Our frontpage has everything regarding the events. Or you can check our page events.

All of our sessions are open to players of all levels of ability. Players may be divided into sub-groups at the session based on ability level in order to ensure balanced games and to enable social distancing where necessary.

Chocolate Soldiers badminton Club uses the following levels, consistent with other European LGBT+ badminton clubs and tournaments:

Beginner: no prior experience, learning to execute and receive basic badminton strokes, e.g. low serve, smash, drop shots.

Lower intermediate: good ability to execute and receive all badminton shots with some control, rudimentary use of tactics.

Upper intermediate: strong and consistent ability to execute and receive all badminton shots, good control of the shuttle, solid tactics employed.

Advanced: mastery of all shots, strong technical ability and control, advanced tactics employed.

County level: mastery of all shots, exceptional technical ability, advanced tactics employed.

This is based on the USA’s nationally recognised NTRP rating system for tennis, a version of which is also used in Australia and gives a thorough breakdown of each skill level. Other forward-thinking badminton associations and clubs around Australia have also defined skill level quite well and I will be taking inspiration from various sources to define skill level as clearly as possible.

New Player:

Has no or limited badminton experience. Primarily needs to work on keeping the shuttle in play, no knowledge of stokes, different shots or service. Needs to be reminded/taught the basics and is not able to integrate basics during play. No concept of court coverage.


Needs further on-court experience. Beginner-1 is familiar with basics, able to swing overhead and underarm to strike the shuttle. Has obvious stroke weaknesses (typically the backhand/service/overhead clear). No control or unable to put pace (speed) on the shuttle intentionally. Weak court coverage in singles and doubles.


Strokes need developing and needs to learn other basic shots (typically consistent striking with backhand grip, overhead smash/drop shots). Can sustain a slow rally of slow pace. Has integrated some basic movements consistently during play, such as overhead shots.


Fairly consistent when hitting medium-paced shots (limited pace up to a drive). Able to execute basic shots (typically includes clear, net underarm lift on fore and backhand, and net kills) and sustain rallies. Execution typically fails when aiming to demonstrate more control and/or power. Able to cover court, but not efficiently and struggle with more difficult shots (backhand, overhead smash, defensive block).


Has a small repertoire of shots and able to play them intentionally with directional control and medium pace. Typically, able to do all basic shots (not always) and some advanced shots. Typically, smashes lack power, backhands can be weak and require further development in shot consistency and aim. Able to cover court using basic principals for singles and doubles, can retrieve most/all shuttles at a medium pace. Has a thorough understanding of footwork.


Improved stroke reliability and ability to play the majority of shots well (typically able to do powerful, steep smashes and backhand clears). Able to control the shuttle at a fast pace. Possesses good footwork and understands effective principals for court positioning for singles and doubles. Consistency can vary, will lose points on occasion due to unforced errors.


Top players – able to demonstrate mastery of all strokes and shots, has efficient footwork. Advanced sense of positioning in singles and doubles. High level of consistency and few unforced errors.


Being honest with your own skill level is important, the most obvious is being aware of what part of your game you need to improve. One other benefit is that it can help you choose a more suitable racquet. In any case, let me know what you think, feedback is very welcome. I will make changes or scrap this post entirely depending on how useful or effective people find the definitions above

Chocolate is a symbol of love, happiness, relaxation, joy, optimism, and good times = Badminton. Chocolate has so many flavour and colour = like our club we have players from different culture and different ethnic
Soldiers because we are a troop of skilled warrior