General Questions Badminton Club Chocolate Soldiers

How can I join your club?

You need to RSVP your attendance on Meetup

How can I pay?

You can pay as you play. before the session online or cash on the day.


Does the club play for a league?

We play Hillingdon league since 2021. and potentially Middlesex League

Do you offer coaching?

We don’t offer badminton coaching, but we have training sessions regularly.

Does club offer membership?

Yes we do! please check our membership’s page

I am a beginner and intermediate, can I come play with the club?

We don not accept beginners, improvers and intermediate in our badminton Club.


What is Strong Intermediate and Advanced badminton player

Strong Intermediate

Improved stroke reliability and ability to play the majority of shots well (typically able to do powerful, steep smashes and backhand clears). Able to control the shuttle at a fast pace. Possesses good footwork and understands effective principals for court positioning for singles and doubles. Consistency can vary, will lose points on occasion due to unforced errors.


Top players – able to demonstrate mastery of all strokes and shots, has efficient footwork. Advanced sense of positioning in singles and doubles. High level of consistency and few unforced errors.

Why The Club Called Chocolate Soldiers?

Chocolate and badminton might seem really different, but they both can make people happy. Eating chocolate is yummy, and playing badminton is exciting.

They’re also good for us! Dark chocolate has healthy stuff called antioxidants, but we shouldn’t eat too much of it. Playing badminton is good exercise; it makes our hearts strong and makes us feel good.

Now, comparing soldiers to badminton players might sound weird, but they both need to be strong and fit. Soldiers carry heavy things and walk a lot, and badminton players need to move fast during the game.

It’s not just about being strong; they also need to be smart and brave. Soldiers make quick choices in tough times, and badminton players need to stay calm and focused during games.

They also need to be disciplined. Soldiers follow strict rules, and badminton players practice a lot to get better.

Lastly, both soldiers and badminton players can inspire us. Soldiers teach us about bravery, and badminton players show us how to be healthy. So, even though they do different things, they both set good examples.