To ensure you know your rights and responsibilities when joining a sports club it is important that you read and understand this Terms and Conditions


1. Principle Terms

  • The membership agreement commences upon signing the membership form.
  • Adherence to this agreement and the club’s disciplinary policy is mandatory.
  • Membership does not assure event participation; an RSVP is necessary.

2. Membership Fees and Charges

  • Membership fees are payable via bank transfer or cash.
  • Full payment grants a 10-week membership from the sign-up date.
  • Membership does not renew automatically; re-sign up is required for continuation.

3. Renewal of Membership

  • Membership is ongoing from application, with weekly fees due at each term’s start.
  • Members must self-renew and notify the club via email at after payment.

4. Freezing/ Pausing / Postpone Membership.

  • Please note that Chocolate Soldiers Badminton Club does not offer the option to freeze or pause membership under any circumstances. Once a membership term has commenced, it will run continuously for the specified 10-week period without interruptions.
    • No Freezing or Pausing: Memberships cannot be paused for holidays, illness, injury, or any other reason. The continuous 10-week term ensures equal opportunity for all members to enjoy the club’s facilities and events.
    • Non-Refundable: All memberships are final, non-transferable, and non-refundable once the payment has been made and the term has begun.
    • Commitment: By signing up for membership, you acknowledge and agree to this term, committing to the full duration of the 10-week period.

    Members are encouraged to consider their availability to participate in club activities before purchasing their membership. This policy is designed to maintain a fair and consistent approach for all members.

5. Cancellation of Membership

  • No cancellations or refunds will be accepted under any circumstances.

6. Liability

  • Members are covered by Public Liability Insurance through Bluefinsport.

7. Member and Guest Conduct

  • RSVP and payment are required before venue attendance.
  • Respectful behavior and adherence to session timings are expected.

8. Social Etiquette

  • Maintain a respectful and sportsmanlike environment.
  • Adhere to game schedules and prompt court vacation.

9. Sportswear and Equipment

  • Appropriate attire and non-marking indoor shoes are mandatory.
  • Members provide their own racquets; shuttlecocks are supplied by the club.

10. During the Event

  • The club is not liable for injuries or lost/stolen items.
  • Proper care of equipment and facilities is expected.

11. Aims and Objectives

  • To promote and offer badminton within the community and ensure fair treatment for all members.

12. Equality Policy Statement

  • The club is dedicated to equality, diversity, and a discrimination-free environment.

13. League and Friendly Matches

  • Participation in matches incurs a fee, with league fees payable to Badminton England.

14. Photography & Filming

  • Photography is not allowed in changing rooms and requires consent elsewhere.

15. Club Affiliation and Data Protection

  • The club is affiliated with Badminton England.
  • Personal data is managed according to the UK Data Protection Act.

No photography is permitted in the changing rooms.  Elsewhere in the Centre, please ensure you have the consent of all users before using filming equipment, including camera-phones.


We may use your personal data to contact you regarding your membership within a sports club. We may also use CCTV to monitor our venues for security purposes. You consent to have
your photograph taken for identification via our database. Information about Club members, provided on the Club membership form to the Committee may be held on our database.

Our data collection and storage is governed by the rules of the UK Data Protection Act and associated legislation. Members who wish to view their records should contact a member of the Committee.