Badminton Club Chocolate Soldiers Pegboard

When the courts are all full, we organise the games with a pegboard system:
1) Chocolate Soldiers peg system whiteboard with names written on them, one peg for each paid up member who participates in club sessions.

2) Find your peg, put it in the queue. There are also some pegs for guests.

3) The person who has been waiting the longest will be at the front of the queue and is responsible for selecting 3 other people from the first 6 pegs in the “line” for the next game; this person is also responsible for providing suitable shuttles for the game. If you are unavailable or decide not to play for any reason your peg will be put back in the queue

4) Once this game moves onto court take the names out of the pegboard and put them to the queue. Please tell the person whose name is now at the front that it is their turn to select players for the next game.

5) When players come off court, if they want another game, they place their peg back in the pegboard, winners first:

The winning pair to be added first followed by the losing pair. If mixed pair, the winning lady player is first, the winning male player is next followed by the losing lady player and finally the losing male player.
If it is your name at the bottom of the pegboard please arrange your game straight away and tell the others involved rather than wait until a court comes free, to avoid wasting court time.