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Hey there!

Have you ever had the problem of only having a half court available for training? We definitely have and that’s why we wanted to share some routines that you can do on a half court to help improve your skills and consistency. These routines are suitable for both singles and doubles players, you just may need to adjust your technique slightly. We’ll demonstrate the routines and give tips as we go along.

The first routine is smash and layoff, which is great for the person smashing to practice their timing and footwork, and for the feeder to practice their defense and lift accuracy. If you want both players on the court to work, you can switch to smash block and lift.

The next routine is drives, which can be broken down into two levels. Level one is basic drives, focusing on generating power and changing grips quickly. Level two is drives with the occasional lift, where one player moves back to smash and then returns to drives. It’s important to use your fingers and thumb to generate power in these drives and to remain relaxed until the point of contact.

The third routine involves moving to the service line and practicing overhead shots with different pace and drops.

The fourth routine is pressure defense, which is great for the defender to practice reactions and defensive technique, and for the feeder to focus on a short and crisp hitting action and grip changes.

The fifth routine is simple shots, where you can focus on your consistency and technique in drops, and the feeder can practice accurate lifting and movement timing.

The sixth routine is rear mid, which is great for the worker to practice explosive speed, consistency, and shot choices, and for the feeder to focus on defense quality and lift accuracy.

The final routine is one-step net play, which is great for both players to practice their footwork, net play, and deception.

We hope these routines help you to become a better player!