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The round robin format in badminton, is a system where each participant plays against every other participant an equal number of times. Here’s how it works in a simple and easy-to-understand way for a badminton club:

  1. Participants: First, list all the players or teams that are participating in the club event.
  2. Schedule of Matches: Create a schedule where each player or team gets to play against every other player or team. In a round robin, everyone competes against everyone else.
  3. Playing Matches: Follow the schedule and play the matches. Each match is usually played to a set number of points, as per badminton rules.
  4. Scoring System: Points are awarded for winning a match. The exact scoring system can vary – some round robins award points just for wins, while others might also give points for narrow losses or other factors.
  5. Ranking: After all matches are played, rank the players or teams based on the number of matches won. Tie-breakers (like points scored, head-to-head results, etc.) are used if necessary.
  6. Fair and Inclusive: This format is fair and inclusive, allowing everyone to play the same number of matches, regardless of their skill level.
  7. No Elimination: There’s no elimination in a round robin. Even if a player loses a match, they continue to play in all their scheduled matches.

This format is great for a club environment because it maximizes the number of games each player gets to play, ensures fairness, and is more about participation and enjoying the game than about winning a tournament.