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Our club, Chocolate Soldiers Badminton, is the premier club in West London. We have a professional corporate identity, an easy-to-use website with an RSVP system, and an active online presence that generates an average of 5 enquiries per day. Our Meetup group has over 2,000 members and we offer a unique membership option that allows you to play at any venue in West London.

We are a well-organised, professional club with a strong and dedicated committee and are constantly growing and expanding. Our focus is on providing the best badminton experience for our members and we believe that there is enough room for everyone to coexist and enjoy the sport.

We understand that some other clubs may see us as competition, but we want to assure you that we do not view them in that way. It is not productive to view other clubs as competition, instead, we should focus on providing the best experience for our members. However, when compared to other clubs, it is clear that our level of organisation and professionalism is unmatched by any other club in the area.

We are performing extremely well considering we only started less than 2 years ago. Usually, it takes years to develop such a large organisation and our level of organisation is unmatched by any other club in the area.

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When you join Chocolate Soldiers, you can be assured that you are joining a top-tier club that is serious about the sport and dedicated to providing the best badminton experience in the area.