Hey everyone! So, you know how we’re always looking for fun ways to make our badminton club even cooler, right? Well, guess what? We’ve just started using these awesome shuttlecocks that have our club logo on them! It’s like, every time we play, we’re showing off our club spirit. Let me tell you all about it.

Why We Got Custom Shuttlecocks

So, we thought, why not put our club logo on something we use all the time? It’s like wearing a team jersey, but even better because we get to whack it across the net! Plus, it’s a great way to feel like we’re all part of the team every time we play.

How We Made Them

Making these custom shuttlecocks was super fun. We teamed up with this local company that knows all about printing stuff on sports gear. They helped us make sure the logo looked great and didn’t mess up how the shuttlecock flies. And guess what? They turned out awesome!

What Happened When We Started Using Them

Ever since we started using these shuttlecocks with our logo, it feels like our club has levelled up. Seeing our logo flying across the court is just so cool, and it really makes us feel like a team. Plus, when we have matches with other clubs, they all notice our custom shuttlecocks and think they’re really cool too!

What’s Next for Our Shuttlecocks

Everyone loves our custom shuttlecocks so much that we’re thinking of what else we can do with them. Maybe we can make special ones for tournaments or even make personalised ones for the players who play the most. The sky’s the limit!


So, that’s the story of our club’s custom shuttlecocks. They’re not just shuttlecocks; they’re like a badge of honour for our club. It’s been super fun to see how something so simple can make our club feel even more like a team. So, whether you’re a club leader, a coach, or just love to play, think about what a cool touch something like this could add to your club. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference!